Siers & Collegen GmbH

Sustainability by means of ownership

You have decided: your sales have to improve. Why and how? That is something we clarify in phases: analysis, conception and implementation. Doesn’t sound new? Right! But it will feel new. Coming, presenting and leaving again: that won’t happen with us. Why? Because we stay on board – reliable, until you have reach your goal and can navigate into the future by yourself.


During the analysis, we look at the structure as well as the culture of your company. For this purpose, we use our self-developed and time-tested tools: The Sales Benchmark System as well as the House of Culture.


Early integration of the managers and sales staff

Practical relevance

Siers & Collegen value system

(Partners instead of know-it-alls)


Based on the results from the analysis phase, we will develop the tailor-made concept together with the managers and sales staff. Existing and new elements are logically linked at this point.


Conception with managers and sales staff

Practical relevance

Linking of existing and new sales elements

Plausible overall picture instead of isolated solutions


Our trainers will accompany this third phase. During the implementation, systematic qualification takes place based on the sales conception; Managers and staff are consistently integrated. Thus, we create ownership and sustainable success. At the end of this phase, the baton is handed over to the managers so that the system is lived long-term.


Systematic qualification by means of training/ coaching concepts based on sales concept

Turn power into motion

Take managers and staff along the project