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Project definition

Because everything changes; Adapt values

For your company, it will become the deciding factor of success: corporate culture. Our studies with the Department of International Economic Communication of the University of Jena and the Department of Economy of the technical college of Aachen prove that 80 per cent of the reasons for the non-implementation of strategies are to be found right here. Therefore, act pro-actively as the management. The sea is calm, the voyage is quiet? You have decided for the right route. However, you know as well as we do: The next storm will come. Then, factors such as commitment, efficient communication and flexibility will decide about the safe advancement of your company.

We ourselves have experienced, partly suffered, the change of structures and also of values for many years – though unconsciously at first and also other-directed. We asked ourselves: What has to happen to make good strategies effective in implementation? In the Benchmark system, we found the key to success for more efficiency and specialized on sales with Siers & Collegen. To then notice: That isn’t everything. There is something missing … it is corporate culture.

That was in 2008. We entered unexplored waters and reached our goal: the creation of a transparent tool for the analysis and focused development of corporate culture. Until then, that was unique. And we are still continuing to develop it with absolute precision.

We welcome you warmly to the House of Culture. Take a look around. You will find a strong tool that will make culture measurable in every area of your company. Our fact check by means of questions will not only generate a mirror image of your current situation, it is also an indicator for measures to follow.

Where are there breaks in the culture along the hierarchies? Is the silo mentality preserved in different departments? How reliably are topics implemented? How well does the communication flow work? These and other obstacles will be uncovered. We will place the results into relation with the benchmarks of the top implementers. Not to imitate them. But to convey a special value to your company: authenticity.

After the survey we will know: What fields do we want to work on? Priorities can be detected. The optimization of the corporate culture will succeed by jointly defining measures that will transform the “current state” into the “goal state”. Every level will join in – not at the same time but after one another. We call it cascade-shaped integration that moves from the first management level down to the teams and staff members. Managers become culture multipliers when each level derives measures and implements them independently – this creates commitment. The benefit: Nobody, no matter on what level, has to do anything additional; he or she simply has to check role and attitude, become aware of them and change, if necessary.