Siers & Collegen GmbH

Project course

Brilliant by means of logic

Analysis, conception and implementation: we structure projects on corporate culture in a very classic way. It becomes revolutionary in each particular elaboration.


With our tool House of Culture, we work out various value dimensions during the analysis and, for this purpose, we use our standardized questionnaire. During this definition of the current culture, we also receive indications concerning future measures.

Early integration of the managers and sales staff

Practical relevance

Siers & Collegen value system

(Partners instead of know-it-alls)


During the conception, the first management level, accompanied by our specialists, develops parameters for the goal culture. Appropriate measures for the efficient implementation are developed in a cascade-shaped process – level by level joins in independently. The effect: Everyone is carried along and integrated since the entire process is transparent.

Conception with managers and sales staff

Practical relevance

Linking of existing and new sales elements

Plausible overall picture instead of isolated solutions


You can also rely on our specialists during the implementation when the attitude of the management is optimized in a goal-oriented way. Now, it is about authenticity which conveys security to your team. We refine the self-awareness so that the culture parameters are also lived. Finally, everybody answers the following question in a defined way: What can I do and what can’t I do? If the answer turns out negative, the values are so consolidated that one continues to develop further at a different place within the system. All this takes place “on the job”. We are always right there and not on the side.

Systematic qualification by means of training/ coaching concepts based on sales concept

Turn power into motion

Take managers and staff along the project


We measure success by means of a culture survey after two years. The parameters remain and that is what makes our system so reliable. Logical, isn’t it?