Siers & Collegen GmbH

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We make successful companies even more successful by means of optimal sales

In principle, you have done everything right. And yet there is this diffuse feeling: It could work better. What is wrong? Your strategy is visionary, the implementation, however, is not running as planned.

Ambitious sales targets? Solution sales instead of product sales? Or internationalization? Sales show whether corporate decisions work. If this area is flexible due to interlaced structures, economic success works out sustainably.

Siers & Collegen consults and accompanies tasks that challenge your company and makes it better in the end. This includes:

  • Increasing sales efficiency
  • Implementing sales strategies
  • Changing from product to solution sales
  • Reacting to market developments
  • Internationalization.

Consulting and implementation are as individual as the market. We keep an eye on that: our benchmark systematic is the proof. And there is more: we recognize trends and tendencies at an early stage. Benefit from our intellectual freedom. Siers & Collegen continuously carry out studies on sales in co-operation with the technical college of Aachen.

Let us summarize: Since our clients have to handle complex sales situations, we have developed tools and approaches that are most effective right there.